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Could you ever imagine being worked to death? This is what very many Cambodians had to go through from 1975-1979. However this is only the beginning. The leader Pol Pot, work, and death all played important roles during this genocide. Pol Pot was a major Khmer Rouge leader. Pol Pot made many Cambodians work very often. Sadly, however most of it ends in a great amount of death. Before Pol Pot became prime minister, he governed from the background. “Saloth Sar, better known by his nom de guerre Pol Pot” became prime minister in 1976 (Pol Pot, page 2). Because Pol Pot was one of the Khmer Rouge regime leaders, he had a great amount of power over the country and the country’s people. Pol Pot had a tight grasp on people 's lives. This meaning that he was able to control almost anything. He rose to power in 1975. This is also the exact year when the Khmer Rouge regime was established. When Khmer Rouge invaded Cambodia, Pol Pot had decided he wanted to “... take Cambodia back to the middle ages”(Cambodia’s Brutal Khmer Rouge Regime, page 2). He called it “Year Zero”. This is where everything has gone back to the past including economy, land, religion, and people. He accomplished this by raiding Cambodian’s homes, and he had forced millions of Cambodians…show more content…
The Khmer Rouge was very tragic. In my opinion it had destroyed many things. In my view, it had tore apart families and peoples lives. I also believe that it was an unfortunate mistake all because of a tyrant. It is truly hard to believe that something this large and effective could take place in history or even our future. It all came to end because of a vietnamese army that had invaded in 1979. Pol Pot was then sent back to his house in the jungle for house arrest. However he was never brought to justice because he had died in his sleep one year later due to heart failure. What they had done to humanity was very gruesome and against
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