Essay On Polar Bears

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Imagine this, you are sitting at home watching TV with your family and a commercial comes on, about starving polar bears. How does that make you feel? Do you want to do something about it? Well the thing is, we can. Human actions are the main cause for global warming. The things we do like burning coal, oil, gas and even the cutting down and burning of forest fires. Some actions done by higher class individuals, are usually out of the control of an average human, but there is small things we can do. Though the harm we have done to our earth is irreversible, we can work to improve its further state. There is scientific reasoning to back up the fact that humans are the main cause of climate change. People are the causes for the main factors…show more content…
Like Sperry Glacier was once 800 acres and has now shrunk to less than 250 acres. The famous snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro has melted more than 80 percent, since 1912. And even glaciers in the Garhwal Himalaya in India are disappearing so fast that researchers believe that Central and Eastern Himalayan glaciers could completely disappear by the year 2035. The ice in the arctic is melting so much as well, that is making animals like, polar bears, seals and seabirds adapt to summer 's without any ice. Polar bears need ice to travel from place to place, to catch their food and even give birth. These animals are very heavy, and can break through thin ice quite easily. Animals like seals trap their prey on the ice and since all of the ice is melting, they cannot get enough food. Seabirds also get their food on the ice, they catch fish through the cracks in the ice.There are countless other animals that will negatively affected by an increase in temperature. Though the melting glaciers have detrimental effects on arctic animals, it can also impact humans living on people living on the shore. They are always at risk for flooding. Entire cities could be destroyed. Sea levels have already risen due to the melting of glaciers. Humans are the number one cause for this
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