Essay On Pole Vaulting

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There are many different types of different hobbies and sports for people to choose from. Because I am an active competitive athlete in track and field, I find the sport extremely enjoyable to participate in, and just as exciting to watch. Learning how to become a successful, hard working athlete takes time and patience. More specifically, being a pole vaulter, the training and technique needed to be successful in this particular event is crucial. If interested in the sport of pole vaulting, it is best to start learning as a younger child. When starting at a younger age, it is easier to comprehend and master the technique process used later on in the sport. Being only 11 or 12 years old when introduced to pole vaulting, the sport was not completely strenuous to learn. Although many pro vaulters have started later in their life, I believe that starting at a younger age will increase chances of success. Pole vaulting demands many qualities such as upper,…show more content…
There are many great drills used by pro vaulters today to help become a more successful pole vaulter. A few of the drills used are planting drills, to get the feeling of how it should feel when planting the pole into the box during a jump; and even back handsprings, to aid in the upside down position pole vaulters are supposed to hit while in the air. Although these were only brief descriptions of drills used by pole vaulters, there are many more amazing drills where they came from. Without drills such as these, the sport of pole vaulting would be much more dangerous and terrifying due to the lack of proper technique. The learning process is no walk in the park, but if pole vaulting were easy, everyone would do it. Practicing drills every day is very crucial in being or becoming a successful pole vaulter. Without the proper workout plan, much of the hard work accomplished will become a waste of time and
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