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Abuse of Powers and its Effect on Policing.
The term Police Officers refer primarily to state agents whose official function is the maintenance of law and order and enforcement of regular criminal law. The method used by police in performing their functions affects the community at large. Police are required to respect human rights in the exercise of their powers; this aspect of the relationship is the most commonly addressed because of the primary purpose of human rights is to protect people from abuse of power by the state. Abuse of power consists not only of exercising power unlawfully but unjustly and it is in these two respects that conflicts with human rights arise . A propensity to abuse power is characteristic when police share power with others who have power and there are differing reasons specific to functions they perform, why those with power abuse power, for example, police have a difficult and dangerous job to do they see the effect of crime on vulnerable victims and they experience the frustrations of being unable to bring perpetrators of very serious crime to justice. These factors mean that some police officers feel not only entitled to violate human rights, but
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This strategy is based on police‐community reciprocity—the police and public cooperate to prevent and to solve crimes. Thus the police should change their perception on assuming they have control over everything whereby police find it difficult to consult and if does happen, they consult only selected groups, Police should also allow the separation of their work with community to ease the task of crime prevention. Thus, they should change in their mindset, perception and efforts in order to go with the current situation and avoid their primitive ways of doing things because the world is technological and cooperation with the society is

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