Essay On Police Brutality In America

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It’s hard to feel safe when the ones who are supposed to be protecting you are killing you. When people decide to live in America it may be for a better standard of living, but little do they know “every 7 hours cops kill an American citizen” (Cop Crisis). Police are trained to guard, prevent crime, and enforce laws; not to kill and destroy citizens. From past research the police brutality rate has increased within in the past three years and by the end of twenty­sixteen there will be 1,472 or more American citizens killed by cops (Cop Crisis). The police brutality rate should be minimizing each year in America, because we’re a hospitality country, killing doesn’t serve justice correctly, and causes tension between African Americans and Caucasian Americans. This is clearly an issue that needs to be resolved soon or our country will be enduring plenty more pain.
The United States of America is one of the most well known countries in world. People from all across the earth come here to escape from their own personal issues or, because we are one of few countries that welcomes outsiders (Portable Professionals). America is home to 323 million citizens (World Meter) and since we occupy so many; we should provide a
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Just like any citizens they may get involved with law enforcement on their bad side. Those citizens that end up on the wrong side deserve to make it to court or serve time in jail, so justice can be served correctly as written formally. They shouldn’t be murdered by the officers who are paid to book them and go onto their next task. Additional research shows that “excessive force is one of the most common forms of police misconduct” (AOL). We could equally argue the fact that officers are doing their jobs, but from statistics we can clearly visualize that they’re taking matters into their own hands to handle
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