The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Body Cameras

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Cameras main job is to record, cameras see what we can’t, let us play over a video. But when you put then on police officers many good things come out of it. Putting body cameras on police officers and help the police department and the community. According to Junior Scholastic Police officers that used body cameras used 66% less amount of force than officers who did not try on the cameras. Police supervisors also got 88% less complaints about police officers that wear body cams than police officers that did not wear body cams. When body cams are put on police officers the judge and jury can see what really happened when police and civilians differ, and police supervisors get less complaints from the public.Police will also be put in less danger.
Providing Evidence
When civilian and police differ in court the judge and the
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The incident occurred in a parking lot where the police were acting out a warrant for another person. Officer Vinson said that “he saw Scott rolling a marijuana joint and holding a gun, and fired at him out of concern for public safety.” Because the officers were wearing body cameras Officer Vinson was not charged. The Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray says “It is my opinion that Officer Vinson acted lawfully when he shot Mr. Scott," Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray said at a news conference. "He acted lawfully." The CCRB received more then 5,000 complaints of “ Excessive use of force” in New York City in 2013 which added up to 11,334 allegations against the police. Out of all of these allegations only 189 police officers were charged. Once New York started to put body cameras on police officers the review board could see all the interactions between the police and public. When the police wore the cameras almost half the allegations were backed up with hard

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