Essay On Police Carrying Guns

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Imagine yourself walking along minding your own business downtown and then next thing you know is you hear a loud bang. Its a gunshot, who will be there to help you? Police officers wouldn't be able to do much if they don't have their weapons. If police officers didn't have there guns then it will be very difficult to take care of the threat at hand. Although some police officers use deadly force way to frequently, police officers should still be able to carry guns. Because of dangerous people in the united states pose a threat and they may have a weapon like a gun or a knife. So with the guns the police officers have they may scare the suspect into surrendering or shoot them if they fight, either killing or injuring justice will be serve.
Most people want to get rid of police holding guns because they are scared of police officers turning bad or using brutal force. “Most of the 422 police shootings examined by an internal police review board from 1993 to early 1998 were ruled to be justified, and only two cases resulted in criminal charges against police officers.” (Gerdes). It shows that a small amount of police officers
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Like in schools there are police officers with weapons making children and teachers safer than ever, To be able to deal with other threats with guns such as snipers or any dangerous act being caused by a human or animal. people could help by supporting police officers to keep their guns instead of taking them away like some people want and most of the people who wants police officers are criminals, but they don't have a say in it. Although some police officers have use deadly force frequently they. should still have guns by their side. in case of danger to protect us and themselves. Imagine yourself walking along minding your business downtown and then you hear a gunshot and people screaming and running. Police officers will be able to protect you since they have
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