Arguments Against Police Corruption

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Police corruption and the law breaking the law has very serious and unpleasant consequences, but the high profile scandals we hear about say a lot about how the establishment works nowadays. Yes, there was a level of expectation from the police who were involved in the incidents at Horsnett Farm, but experience established that expectation was never met Quote from Napoleon Bonaparte comes to mind ‘Never ascribe to malice, that which is adequately explained by incompetence’. Incompetence is the safest fallback position for the police force, because the alternative, in systemic corruption and abuse of power at the highest level is too awful to contemplate. Police…show more content…
Obviously nothing has been learned from the corruption report of May 2012 During 2014 there were 3000 cases of police corruption, but only half were properly investigated. For some police officers it is clear that corruption has become routine, and it is apparent that no lessons have been learnt, and nothing has been achieved from the report submitted to the Home Secretary in May 2012 by Dame Anne Owens related to ‘Corruption in the Police Service in England and Wales’.
Police Officers into drug-dealing A second report recently compiled in 2015 by the Serious Organised Crime Agency confirms a sharp increase over the past five years of police officers dealing in heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, and an equally startling rise in the number of police officers abusing their powers for sexual gratification.
Hollow promises? On their website, alongside some vacuous rubbish and drivel about ‘declaring total war on crime’ the police claim to be committed to carrying out its duties with ‘humility and transparency’. Could anything be further from the truth? Far too often the sleaze and cover-up culture comes directly from the

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