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In May 1873 the Parliament of Canada established the first central police force originating of 275 members, 150 of these members were sent to west Manitoba where the new police force acquired the name “North- West Mounted Police.” By 1855 the force had grown to 1000 men but in 1896 its future was threatened by the newly elected Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier who decided that he was to reduce the recently formed army. However in more recent years in spite of the 2nd world war police mounted horses became more and more common therefore in 1950 it was assumed a responsibility for provincial policing to create their own police forces. It has now been thought that there are indeed some welfare issues due to using horses for the mounted police. The most obvious and concerning issue being that the horses that are used cannot act and behave like a normal horse as they are either on duty or are stuck inside a stable instead of galloping around on green pastures, another issue with using these horses is that they can become injured when riots break out. However on the other hand these horses have allowed countries to control their rioting whilst the horses are treated with the best veterinary care and love from those that ride them.
Most horses are found and bought from Ireland, once bought the horses are trained at Imber Court where each horse is
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The type of work each breed of horse do requires the police officer to spend long hours in the saddle and the working breeds of horses which are most suitable for this. WA Police horses are stabled at the Maylands Police Complex at Swanbank Road. When they need to go out for natural calls such as urinating and passing faeces they are free to roam the centres 40-acre farm in Swan Valley, meaning they have lots of room to roam around and to achieve normal horse like

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