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Natural facial expression uses more muscles as oppose to forced. Lastly a forced smile involves only the mouth, while a genuine one illuminates the face. These are signs makes an interrogating officer to watch carefully during the process. d. Details-Digging for details is one area interrogative officers are well-trained to throw questions, to a suspect to give more details. As a suspect gives more details he is likely to speak lies. It is also possible for a suspect to decline to include all details, or give them vaguely. To show how little he knows about the situation, or to decrease suspicion; these are all signs of lies. e. Body language-Although, body language is a general sign of legitimate nervousness in a person, thus, it 's not enough…show more content…
Contact a lawyer-It is very crucial to think ahead by seeking a lawyer 's advice during interrogation, although this does not translate to guilt admission. It 's the best choice in cases of extreme uncertainty or nervousness. 2. Get to know your rights- A person needs to demand and understand the type of questions from an interrogator, this enables an individual to take part in the process with more ease. When the police suspect an individual to have a direct link to the crime, a person needs to insist on his right to speak in the presence of a lawyer. In most situations, it is wise to stay silent to avert self-incrimination. Avoid casual talks with law enforcement. 3. Maintain composure-During interrogation process, the officers are always seeking to upset the suspect, rubbish his credibility and poke hole in his story. An individual needs to avoid panic when questions are more focused, calm down and give most efficient answer to the questions. 4. Stick to the story line-A person needs to listen carefully to the interrogator 's question to detect changes that are able to trip story-line. This is because; an individual 's credibility is bound to suffer when his story takes a different direction. If there is a need to retract a statement, this needs to happen in the early stages of interrogation. An individual needs to stick to the story and avoid altering it

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