Essay On Police Officer Mechanalism

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The internal mechanism for holding particular police officers accountable for their actions are determined in the police act of 1861, the state governments police acts and in rules and regulations which are laid down in state police manuals. The police act 1861, authorities which are senior police officers of the rank of superintendent of police, they are appointed to impose one or more of the other punishments, including (a) fine not exceeding one month’s pay (b) confinement to quarter not exceeding 15 days, (c) deprivation of good conduct payment, and (d) removal from any rank of distinction or special emolument.
Giving major punishments to suspected police personnel is tough task and takes time because the procedure of conducting, departmental inquiry is highly explained, and time consuming, even if the charges have been proved, the guilty police officer can and generally go to the court against the finding and punishment imposed. Unfortunately, the authority of police agencies in India had destroyed time by political interference, result in loss of discipline in the force and the progress of a tendency at differentlevels within the police to acquire outside patronage for rewards and to be covered against punishment. This is one of the major reasons for the
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This was recognised by the National Police Commission. In their first report, the commission conveyed some planed programs, whereby inquiries would be conducted by departmental authorities and also by an neutral authority outside the police. The commission realised that a large number of complaints against police would be looked into and disposed of by the supervisory ranks in the police ranked system, but a judicial inquiry should be make mandatory in the following division of complaints against the police
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