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Confrontations between law enforcement and civilians are never a welcome thing. But, during the last year many of those confrontations have turned violent. Police shootings ignited a public outcry for justice, plus the number of police officers shot and killed stood at 60 fatalities as of Thanksgiving Day, twenty of those ambush situations. People are dying on both sides. While the number of shootings dropped over the recent holiday season, the Blue Lives Matter Organization is a voice growing in popularity across America. Understandably every human life should matter, but it seemed that those who risk their lives to protect others, were not being equally supported. Here’s how you can show your support for law enforcement and the Blue Lives…show more content…
If citizens will return to a level of respectful courtesy towards law enforcement, the proverbial barriers that have been erected through decades of universally acceptable disrespect will gradually be torn down. Display Your Respect Each of the diverse “lives matter” movements has developed slogans and ways you can display appreciation for their cause. If you want to show your support for the Blue Lives Matter organization that specifically supports the lives of law enforcement, you can wear tee shirts, apply bumper stickers to your car, or put Blue Lives Matter vinyl graphics in the windows of your home. You can sign petitions and donate money to the organization, both visibly and anonymously. Social media has been a voice for discontent, but you can also use the platform to show your respect for the thousands of good officers that perform their job the right way. Supporting law enforcement does not mean you automatically support the egregious acts that have been perpetrated by a small percentage of those entrusted with the job to serve and protect. Displaying sincere support for law enforcement does show respect for authority, an eroding sense in our society that needs to be

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