Summary: The Jim Crow Law

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Police believes they don’t have to respect people of color ,and think it 's okay to mistreat them instead.The officers been discriminating people of color because they assume every african american are criminal and bad.They harass people of color just to make them feel intimidate. The police kill innocent black people and don 't get charged guilty at all.There’s three side of people which is the people who get affected by it, the people who overlooks it, and the people who just don 't care. The police treat people of color differently than whites. It 's like the Jim Crow Law is happening all over again. Police would rather mistreat people of color instead of giving them equal opportunity when it comes to the law. In the Boston Globe article…show more content…
I fear that the police is going to become the new KKK.In the article of Jim Crow Policing Bob Hebert stated,”People who object to the harassment are often threatened with arrest for disorderly conduct”.In other words Bob is saying no matter the police can harass you and you can 't do anything about it which is unfair.The Jim Crow Policing article in paragraph nine basically summarize how police would stop people of color because they dressed like a gangster or dressed like they are suspicious of doing something.The police also stop people of color by the way they move shifty.I hate the fact how the police are basically judging us by the way we dress and walk. The police just know they can get away with anything especially harassing innocent people of color for no good…show more content…
I was shocked because It 's true if you think about it. When a police kill a person it 's mostly black and rarely whites.Samuel Sinyangwe even question himself about the death of african americans.Sam was basically saying,” Is this a pattern” all over the world the police is killing mainly
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