Polish Culture Vs American Culture Case Study

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A small amount of Polish people came to the United States before the American Civil War, but most came afterwards (Pula, 1995, p. 1). They immigrated to America due to the occupation of foreign powers that sought after the destruction of the Polish language, tradition and culture (Pula, 1995, p. 1). The Polish was perceived as appalling due to the language and customs that they followed while living in the societies of Prussia, Russia and Austria which caused them to move to the United States. Moreover, the Polish people living in Poland along the Prussia line suffered from the same treatment along with confiscation of the properties that they owned (Lucille, 1951, p. 87). Also, once the Polish peasants were no longer enslaved under the higher classes, they knew it was beneficial to follow the capitalist economic changes. Therefore, many took the opportunity during much disorder to embrace the change for their community and family by moving abroad.
With years of continual fight for their rights of language and principles, the Polish were resilient by not letting their beliefs and values fade away. They
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For example, if I do not have knowledge about their religion or culture, I would obtain more information to demonstrate dignity and worth of the client. Also, I would not judge their thoughts and values regarding their culture or religion if they are different than mine. Likewise, the importance of human relationships would be shown when active listening and being empathic along with understanding. Furthermore, I would be competent by having the education, abilities, and self-awareness to assist the client. Finally, I would find out if the client’s human rights were being met such as their right to freedom, safety, privacy, and adequate standard of living, health care and education (Barsky, 2010, p.
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