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The notion(s) of politeness For a reason that will be made explicit subsequently, it may be helpful to begin with a dictionary definition of ‘politeness’, or all the more easily,‘polite’: Polite, adjective [1] Having or indicating conduct that is respectful and considerate of other individuals: they thought she was not right but were too polite to say so. [2] [attrib.] relating to individuals who see themselves as more cultured and refined than others: the image angered polite community. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (2004). Even from such a brief abstraction of regular utilization of the notion, it is clear that politeness does not have a quiet unambiguously value. Despite it is predominantly associated with a ‘nice’…show more content…
It was noted by some authors, e.g. R. Watts, and K. Ehlich (1992), Wilamová (2003), that politeness research has submitted hardly any explicit definitions of the term itself. The main direction is towards the function of politeness in overseeing interpersonal relations. The perspective expressed by Watts, and Ehlich (1992) is especially illuminating in revealing the way in which politeness is dealt with by theorists: .... the term “politeness” itself is either not explicitly defined at all or else taken to be a consequence of rational social goals such as maximizing the benefit to self and other, minimizing the face-threatening nature of a social act, displaying adequate proficiency in the accepted standards of social etiquette, avoiding conflict, making sure that the social interaction runs smoothly, etc. Linguistic politeness is then taken to be the various forms of language structure and usage which allow the members of a socio-cultural group to achieve these goals. An outline of hypothetical approaches to politeness is given by Fraser (1990) (Watts, and Ehlich 1992), who recognizes four fundamental

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