Essay On Political Government

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Aristotle believed that “man is by nature a political animal”, so man will always seek to live a political society. Politics, for Aristotle, encapsulated all areas of life because of the regimes ability to hold authority over the people. He states, “The regime is an arrangement of a city with respect to its offices, particularly the one that has authority over all matters...the governing body is the regime.” Culture,values, and customs of a political community naturally stem from the regime that governs. The American founders offered no exception to this natural inclination to live in a political community. However, the founders sought to establish something that had never been done before: an experiment of man’s ability to govern himself.…show more content…
In order for a civil society of free people to retain authority, each citizen must retain influence over the laws of society. The will of the majority determines the laws for which the community abides in. However, the size of a community proves difficult to acquire meaningful dialogue about legislation. The American regime instituted a legislative body that is composed of representatives of the people. The free people of the United States elect representatives who can reflect their opinions and promote the common good of all. Theophilus Parson writes on translation of power between people and their representatives: “The majority of the representatives should also represent a majority of the people.” Government within the American regime, because of the equality of each citizen, should reflect the will of the majority, not the few. This prevents the tyranny of the few over the majority. Thus, the majority of people retain the authority of the regime. However, the Declaration of Independence states the founder’s beliefs about the abuses of any government, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it.” The power of the legislative representatives is limited by the will of the people, and thus the authoritative element still remains in the hands of the people within the republican structure of
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