Essay On Political Issues In The Philippines

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Philippines had undergone a lot of conquerors from the west namely the Spaniards, Japanese, Americans, etc, where its citizens were hardly oppressed by the colonialists imprinting great impacts, affecting different domains of their beliefs such as in economic and political mindsets and in socio-cultural aspects. These periodic changes of colonialists had led in enormous diversity. Nowadays, things have changed since the dark times in the Philippines. Abundant issues in political, economical and socio-cultural are being faced by our government, specifically, by PNoy. In the political domain, first significant issue that rang our country is about the RH Law and the cybercrime law. These kinds of law are said to be insensitive especially in the Catholic Community. As the catholic group say, such…show more content…
Then, the president decided that the SC had too much power, if they jeep overriding him like that. As of now, while it looks like none of the impeachment cases against the president will prosper, and the pot-shots in each other’s direction has certainly slowed to a crawl, relations between the administration and the judiciary remain less than peachy” say These are some political issues that have been faced and still being faced by the government. Now, issues are not just in political domains but also in economic aspect. One of the issues is about taxes. As the BIR commissioner claimed that all who do have an income should also have taxes such as “labandera, fishball dealers, vendors, etc.,” This issue was termed THE BIR SHAMED CAMPAIGN: GOTTA TAX EM ALL. According to 8lists. Ph, despite the fact that this campaign has been brought up in August of 2013, it wasn’t until March this year when Kim Henares really got on everybody’s nerves. Nobody was safe. Market Manila? MannyPacquiao? An X-factor winner in Israel? They were all fair game because Kim Henares had a quota to

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