Essay On Political Parties In Pakistan

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An important feature of modern democracies is the emergence of political parties as these are regarded necessary to the successful working of democratic institutions. In other words political parties are the most organized and effective form of public opinion. A political party can be defined as an aggregation of individuals held together by common thinking on political issues that hope to acquire political authority. Political parties also can define as they are organized groups whose membership is voluntary and who make struggle to acquire political power. We live in a society where the people are able to voice their opinion on any subject they wish.
In the absence of the political parties modern representative democracy cannot work. Externally the nation of party less democracy may be attractive
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Acute polarization in the society becomes the source of many malpractices.

In our country Pakistan many type of political parties are found, democratic, liberal, relational and religious political parties are existing parties of Pakistan. As for as there role is concern that is totally futile. Political parties of our country are totally unaware of their real objective. Both political parties are organized groups with differing political views, which make it important for political parties to make decisions that will favor not only few but also all interests and opinions to keep the loyalty of their supporters.
To govern the country toward the prosperity, development and success, it is necessary for the political parties to establish their real objectives. First of all they have to seek power through constitution means, without rigging in general elections and to make the government according to the aspiration of the people of
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