Essay On Political Party In The Philippines

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Political Party of the Philippines: A Distorted Silhouette of Democracy Carrelle A. Linugao 3rd Year, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Father Saturnino Urios University Ms. Rhena Amor P. Dinerman, LL.B., M.P.S. This paper seeks to answer the questions as follow: 1.) what is a Political Party? 2.) The nature of political party? 3.) What are the functions of a political party? 4.) How political parties destroy the image of democracy in the Philippines? Introduction In pursuing democracy, political party has been a great tool of it. In fact, most scholars said that political parties create democracy and that democracy is unthinkable without these political parties. According to the book of Motem and Islam, political party is “omni-present.” From the book of Dolores Reyes and Ayson Tolentino, political party us an invaluable agency in managing the transfer of political power from maintaining to changing governments down to expressing public opinion of the society of what the current rulers implying to the next…show more content…
A scholar, Lawson in 1989, said that it is a party if it seeks to filling seats which became the representatives in the government, and not only just to pursue actors in a political system. It also nominates running candidates whom stand for during election on its name and at the same time exercising the power on the behalf of the general public. On the other hand, Meyer has a very demanding set of requirement: “Parties are usually large organizations with a certain amount of centralization and presence across the country. If they are well organized, they are able to combine the development of political objectives in communities, cities, and villages with a decision-making process on all levels of the political organization that the party members deem fair. At the grassroots level, well-functioning party democracies are established in a broad and active civil
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