Essay On Political Socialization

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My political socialization paper
My political socialization is influence by my mother and her occupation. She is a manufacturer who works to improve americans manufacturing communities by supporting small manufacturing companies. For every one dollar her coalition makes, eight dollars go to the federal treasurer. Her job has a very important role in government from n economic standpoint because it supports the innovation and productivity of the nation. If the government were to shrink, her business would be one to shut down even though they bring in so much money. If the government were to grow then there would be a greater opportunity for a new business to begin creating more competition. Many political issues and ideologies come from my mother
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Personally, my family, my age, the media, and my education is what has been the most influential when it comes comes to political socialization. My families views on on government are extremely different on both sides because they are both unwilling to listen to the opposing argument. This has to do with mass media, the mirroring of public opinions on certain people that shape their opinion. My age has affected my views because of the the things that have been going on around me, for example the parkland shooting was not a personal experience but it could happen to anyone. I believe that it is sad that no one has taken legislative action which leads me to have a mistrust in the branches and how they function. Also how it has gotten to be 19 school shootings this year and it is the beginning of march. The media has influenced my views by having a political bias on a certain political party. In this way I only see one side of the story which gives me almost false information when it comes to discussion on politics. Not only does media impact the bias but so does public education, growing p in public schools you hear how the government is not funding enough money to education, teachers aren't getting enough money , yet we still stand for the pledge. This is an influential part of political socialization because it molded me going onto the future, having a state of mind where government is not perfecta and it should not stay this
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