Essay On Pollution In The Philippines

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1) Natural disasters Natural disasters are natural phenomena that cause natural destruction such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires due to prolonged drought. For example, the Pinatubo Volcano eruption, Philippines has released excess dust into space causing extremely haze in nearby countries. Natural disasters are also contributing factors to the deterioration of air quality in our country. 2) smoke emissions Vehicle exhaustion also contributes to air pollution. Increased traffic on the road has caused smoke emitted into the air through automobile exhaust also increases. If the used vehicle is not properly maintained, the vehicle will remove excessive smoke. Hence, smoke containing toxic gases such as carbon monoxide has polluted overall air hygiene. From exotic vehicles, smoke from plant industry, unmanaged coal consumption, and combustion at landfill. 3) forest exploration activities In addition, air is also polluted due to forest exploration activities carried out by residents living in remote areas. Typically, people living in this area are exploring forests for agricultural and farming purposes. They cut down the forest and then burn it to speed up the cleaning process and nourish the soil for planting. Consequently, uncontrolled forest burning activities will eventually pollute the…show more content…
But in reality the engine can not burn hydrocarbons to clean so the vehicle exhausts emit harmful substances that cause more severe air pollution. The imperfect combustion results in Carbon monoxide (CO) compounds, which are toxic gases, Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These substances are the cause of harmful air pollution so the air becomes brown, blue or black mist and forms ozone. This ozone is very harmful to health because it can interfere with serious breathing and in the long run can cause more acute
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