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I will write about pollution in the world, about pollution in Slovenia and how I take care for the environment. Pollution is any damage which we caused to the environment. There are lots of types of pollution like air, land, water, noise, light, person and radiation pollution. Pollutionis talked a lot nowadays. We can read about global worming, about different kinds of diseases and decreasing fresh water. Water pollution is the largest cause of death and disease on the world.The Earth is covered with around 70% of water.Water pollution is caused by littering water, releasing chemicals and by oil tankers witch sometimes sinks and that is cause to a big oil spill (in the sea). Effects are animal’s extinction of fishes and decreasing of fresh water. Sea level is rising because ice caps are melting. Because of that are floods increasingly common. We also pollute land. It is caused by throwing garbage on the land and river banks, leakage from chemical tanks, oil spills and other chemicals, which came into the soil by accidental contamination. Animals can eat garbage on land and river banks and they can die because of asphyxiation. Absolutely farming is the most dangerous caused for land pollution. Almost every farmer use pesticides and fertilized land, but in…show more content…
They make the air harmful to breathe. Exhaust gasses caused acid rain, which dissolve ground and it is killing insects. Also natural caused make air harmful to breathe, like volcanoeruptions and forest fires.When volcano erupts, there is a lot of smoke and sand in the air, soflights can be cancelled, air isn´t good to breathe and all plants and forests can be destroyed, too.The effects of air pollution are quite severe; heart attack, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, cardiovascular problems and other diseases. We can fix this problem by using more public transport and sowing trees,because only they can save the air. They produce oxygen from carbon

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