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Pollution, everyone complains about it. So what is it pollution? It happens when impurities contaminate the natural environment; which causes about changes that affect our day to day lifestyles negatively. Pollutants are the main elements or components of pollution which are usually discarded materials of different sorts. Pollution disrupts our ecosystem and the balance in the ecosystem. With modernization as well as growth in our lives pollution has reached its top; resulting in the rise to global warming and other dangerous human illness.
Pollution occurs in different forms; from air, water, soil, radioactive, noise, heat/ thermal and to light pollution. Every type of pollution has two sources of occurrence in nature; the point and the non-point
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It occurs due to contamination of undesired chemicals in the soil due to human activities. Application of insecticides and pesticides incorporates the nitrogen compounds from the soil making it unsuitable for plants to obtain nutrition from. Discharge of industrial waste, mining, as well as deforestation, are other human activities that pollute the soil because plants can 't grow in the right way and cannot hold the soil and this results in soil erosion which is the major form so soil pollution.
The forth form of pollution is Noise pollution. It occurs unpleasant sound stirs our ears and results to psychological problems such as stress, hypertension, hearing impairment, etc. The primary causes of soil pollution are loud music and industrial noises.
Radioactive pollution, though rear, is the most dangerous form of pollution when it occurs. It can be caused by nuclear plant malfunctions, accidents, improper nuclear waste disposal, etc. most of its effects are a severe and long term in nature and include defects at the time of birth infertility, blindness, cancer, can affect air and water as well as sterilizing

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