An Essay On The Poltergeist Myth

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The Poltergeist Myth

Have you ever been home alone in your house at night and things happen that you think would never be possible? Well if you've had books fly off your shelf or lights flicker on and off, or have seen and person staring at you in your own hallway and disappear after a couple seconds then you might have a poltergeist happening right in your own house. We don't know exactly if these so called poltergeists are real, which is a german phrase that basically means a ghost that is responsible for physical disturbances such as things being thrown around and things moving on their own. Were going to look at a couple different stories of poltergeists that people have apparently witnessed in their own eyes and break down weather these
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They were dealing with wages so they had other men living in the house with them in separate rooms. It was on july 4, 1910, that john randall, who is a carpenter by trade, went to live at enniscorthy, and took rooms with the family. He recorded what happened in the three weeks of what commenced in the house. Due to the poltergeists attentions he lost three-quarters of a stone in weight. It was on the night of Thursday, July 7, that the first incident occurred, when the bedclothes were gently pulled off his bed. Of course he naturally thought it was a joke, and shouted to his companions to stop. As no one could explain what was happening, a match was struck, and the bedclothes were found to be at the window, from which the other bed had been rolled just when the clothes had been taken off his bed. Things were put stright and the light blown out, but, his account goes on the say it wasn't long until we heard some hammering in the room. This lasted for a few minutes, getting quicker and quicker. When it got very quick, their bed started to move out across the room… They struck a match and got the lamp, searched the room thoroughly, and could find nobody (Irish
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