Life Of Pi Theme Essay

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The theme in Life of Pi is without a doubt the hardships in order to survive. The whole novel is about enduring pain, hardships, starvation, dehydration and more. I believe the author wrote this novel to reveal the hardships one has to proceed through in order to keep living. Pi certainly shows how quick life can change from ordinary to a long lasting nightmare. Surely this can happen to anyone, but not everyone can survive the long lasting nightmare. Not everyone can stand eating or drinking unpleasant substances, survive while being blind, and live next to carnivorous creatures. Pi on the other hand withstands all this misfortune for nearly a year. Additionally, another theme that comes to mind is that survival instincts result in some…show more content…
Up to this day I’ve never known anyone who practices polytheism in real life or even in books. The decision for Martel to bring the topic of polytheism is still questionable for me. As for a fact, polytheism does not seem to relate to the main themes at all. Additionally, part two of the book which is around hundreds of pages, rarely mentions any type of religious sayings. I think it would have been a better idea for Martel to disclude the talk of religion for two purposes. One is so that he can quickly get to part two of the book, which is the interesting part, and to dismiss confusion among the readers. Religion has been talked about since the early pages, and it seems very important to Pi, the plot, and theme. “In time, my religious doings went from the notice of those to whom it didn 't matter and only amused, to that of those to whom it did matter - and they were not amused.” (THE LIFE OF PI, 2001, p.37). However as soon as the story reaches around page 50, the importance and talk of religion has basically flourished. My favorite scene in this novel had to be the scene when Richard left Pi. This scene was completely unexpected, especially since most readers probably thought that Pi would be with Richard forever. I tended to like this scene a lot, because of the lesson it teaches towards humans. In the end, the ability for a human to establish a true relationship with the wild is hardly
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