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1.2 Statement of the problem
Education is a very vital tool that is used in the contemporary world to succeed. Education is extremely important not only for the success of an individual but for the nation as well. Education is defined as to develop knowledge, skills and character of the students. Its major objective is to make an individual learn about how to level with the society by developing intellect, equipping one’s self to deal with the reality of life and by facilitating realization of self-potential and latent talents of an individual. Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, positive judgment, well developed wisdom and profoundness (Duquette, 1993). A successful teacher is required to be equipped with the characteristics like mastery of subject matter, professional training, sound physical and mental health, devotion and dedication to his profession (Hanushek, 2004). According to kakkar (2001) the teacher of today is an individual who
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This bad or poor performance impacts the student’s education as well. The poor performance of teachers is a global phenomenon that cannot be ignored in Western as well as Eastern context. The poor teacher’s performance lead to several problems for schools such as low students satisfaction from their schools, students turnover intentions, hiring cost of new staff, delay in delivery of education. All such poor performances of teachers lead to poor quality of students that become useless for their societies and may become a burden on their country in future. Also the leaving intentions of teachers destroy the good reputations of a school as well. Due to turnover issues, the students’ education and time suffers a lot that lead to their dissatisfaction from their studies and school as well. The poor teachers’ performance issues can give bad impact on school performance as

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