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Pop art movement originated from mid 1950s. It is a type of art culture that depicts elements of popular culture in daily lives. They are expressed by artists in different methods, such as advertising, comic strips, product packaging and also through mass media such as television etc. Pop art imagery communicates ideas to the audiences with intent for expressing humor and some artists expressed their views of current or past affairs. Pop art is a form of contemporary art which has integrated both fine art and commercial art through modernization and varying artists’ views.

Famous artist like Andy Warhol, was well-known as one of the forefathers leading pop art movement. He was an American artist that started the tread of this contemporary art. His art works included many forms of media such as hand-drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and also music. One of his art work which depicted the mass-production of Campbell Soup cans and Coke bottles, captured the clean-edge look by commercially manufactured object, this artworks make him rises in fame. This causes his art to be mass produced objects. During that time, there was many critics over the banal subject matter. Abstract Expressionists
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It's just that it is a new kind of art which is very different from the normal art that the audience are unfamiliar with. It's a kind of abstract expressionism that often interpreted as unthinking consumption, critique of passive. Both of them use the media wisely to create phenomenon attention to their art work which shows a broad range of responses, also using different methods to depicting celebrities in interesting ways to make themselves grown in popularity. They also shows how their ideas of mass-produced culture works, as it satisfies the consumers needs. This shows the similarities of the both contemporary artists

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