Essay On Pop Culture

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I believe that explaining to you what pop culture is would be a waste of time because I’m sure that there are not that many People on Earth that have never heard of Pop culture, it’s not for nothing it’s called Pop Culture after all so lets skip the introduction and proceed straight to my point. I’m sure you’ve already noticed how modern popular culture now is more vulgar, unethical, amoral and dehumanizing than any other time in human history. It’s very disturbing because culture is something that is supposed to be uplifting, it’s supposed to inspire people to gain more knowledge, develop their personalities, set standards and motivate people to reach their dreams. By its very definition pop culture has been always mass produced for mass consumption but…show more content…
Everyone else is doing it so why not me? Hypersexuality in TV leads to ruined and weak relationships and bad marriages. Look at the cult of CELEBRITY. Being famous used to require having actual talent, even as recently as 20 years ago. Now the fame is achieved with the amount of crazy things that celebrities inflict on the world. Vulgarity has replaced talent, the more vulgar the better. In fact, popular culture is so vulgar that it’s often considered as one of the factors in the radicalization of Islamic terrorists. Pop culture is actually seen by the terrorists as a legitimate reason to attack the West. Thanks to social media many young people have been indoctrinated to the idea that narcissism is the ultimate measure of satisfaction. Why do you think young people are more narcissistic than older generations? Because they are more affected by the mainstream culture. Celebrity is just a reflection of that. So what do we actually look for in our celebrities? Talent, meaning, authenticity? No. We look for narcissism and vulgarity. It’s not a surprise that since the explosion of celebrity narcissism wave young people have become more depressed than
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