Essay On Popular Education

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In this essay, I am going to define what popular education is, I will also explain on the importance of it and the goals of popular education. I will later on discuss on the platforms of popular education and how it is spread. Popular education can be defined in different ways. According to Kerka she defined it as a form of education that encourages learners to examine their lives critically and take action to change social conditions.It is popular in the sense of “being of the people”. It is also defined as people’s education. It is not the education of the is an alternative to the dominate system. It is a kind of education that provides social transformation. Its aim is to bring social change to its learners or society as a whole. This education works against domination of one group by another. Popular education is the type of education that addresses the needs of the marginalized groups. The marginalized are people without influence these people have no voice due to several factors such as dropping out of the formal education school. Popular education, developed in the 1960s and 1970s by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. The goals of popular education is to develop “people’s capacity for social change through a collective problem solving approach…show more content…
The use of these forms can enhance communication among audiences with an oral tradition, demonstrates respect for community cultural values and enhance group spirit demystify the information conveyed and make it accessible and relevant.Arnold and Burke recommend the use of a variety of techniques for popular education, based on the assumption that learning is most effective if participation is active, different learning styles are addressed. People physically position themselves in ways that depict their understanding of an issue or
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