Essay On Popularity In Sports

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In film and television in a high school environment the jocks seem to be popular set of students. This is seen over and repeatedly. Popularity in American culture seems to have relations to athletes of basically any sport; whether it be basketball, football or field hockey. There is no doubt sport holds a highly valued position in American culture, while the athletes who excel in sports regardless of race, ethnicity, or social background occupy positions of high social standing. This study examined this relationship and it variation by gender, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity and grade level. The conductors involved in this study saw a lack of elaborate statistical procedures and information in this area and wanted to properly examine a nationally representative sample get comprehensive results. One method of research involved a survey of 2,185 third through twelfth grade students. The study revealed that across gender, socioeconomic status and grade self-perceived popularity is more expected among athletes than those are not athletes. This level this popularity there is still a disparity across gender, ethnicity and grade level. White students were more likely to report self-perceived popularity than their Black counterparts. For males, not females, sport as the most important criterion for status enhancement; and in middle school this view is held…show more content…
“Being very good at sports” was the category that was most frequently chosen among males for boys’ popularity (33%) in contrast to the girls popularity where “Being very good at sports” was the least frequently chosen response category among males and females (4% and 5% respectively). Then athletes are more likely than the rest of the student body to be considered very popular regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status. Also, middle school youth chose sport as the number one criterion for male popularity; which is more than the elementary and high
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