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Population ageing is defined as the process by which the proportion of elderly persons in the population increases .The rapid decline in fertility and lowering of mortality rates in recent years has led to dramatic rise in the number and proportion of the elderly in the population of developed and developing countries. Until the early 1980s, developing countries perceived that population aging was an issue that concerned developed countries only. But as consequence of rapid decline in fertility and of increasing life expectancy, the developing countries have become increasingly aware of range of problems regarding ageing. In India trend of population ageing is very high.
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Healthy aged people constitute an important human resource for the development of the country. Health as human resources affects the physical, social, psychological, and economic abilities of human beings. Many of the health problems of old age are known due to negligence, lack of awareness and poor financial support. Older face health problems such as anemia, blood pressure, chest pain, digestive problem, etc... The status of health among aged people depends upon how health is managed by them. Aged people can live with happiness where that people with higher education, secured income and a positive attitude towards health can lead to healthy life. In this context there is need for carrying out study on various socioeconomic and health aspects of aged persons. Old age is reality in everyone life. The sprednes of globalization, liberalization, and privatization leads to changes in the life style of people. Earlier times, elder person’s role was advisory and his wish used to command. But today changed environment, socio- economic and cultural refashion has made the elders are negligible section from the society. We should remind one thing that aged people during their youth and adult life contributed much to the progress of family and society. They are the architecture of modern society but their contribution to the society is mislaying during the ageing years. In this context a detailed study is essential to understand the socio economic issues of

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