Population Control Pros And Cons

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Population Control Have you ever wondered why some countries are capable to feed their entire population and have enough resources for everyone, and others aren’t? That’s because these countries control their population. Population control is a policy of attempting to minimize in the growth of the population, especially in poor or densely populated parts in the world. A few countries that cannot afford feeding their entire population and giving them the resources needed are: China, Kenya, Egypt, India, and Nigeria. However, some countries are able to control their population growth, such as London, Greece, Japan, Singapore and Israel. Many problems are caused when you live in an overpopulated city or nation to its residents, such as environmental and social problems. Daily, 25,000 people die due to hunger and 18,000 of them are under the age of 5, because their country can’t provide them with enough food to feed the entire nation. One billion people lack access to water throughout the world, because of water shortages. Another issue with water is citizens are trashing their oceans damaging the water we drink and the fish we breed. Childhood asthma rates have rapidly increased throughout the past 20…show more content…
Population control has positively affected some countries because a small population has allowed the country to provide resources fit an entire nation. There would be more available places in schools allowing more students to get educated. Having a small population would also lead up to a decrease in homelessness. As for the cons, depression, suicide and mental illness could all occur when the government would kill their loved ones, such as spouses, family, and friends, to try to control the population. Corruption may occur once someone would bribe an officer not to kill another. Killing people is defiantly not an answer to control the

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