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Population dynamics is a phrase to describe demographic phenomenons. These phenomenons occur naturally either due to the human desire to pursue a better life or happen slowly over generations to form into how they are today. The population dynamics, whether it’s the population structure of a country or the migration of people, are all linked to us as global citizens. We are affected by these phenomenons whether we realize it or not, no matter how small the magnitude of impact is. Therefore, demography is gradually playing a more significant role in our lives.
International migration is becoming more popular than ever in this era. In some cases, however, this type of migration is illegal. The migration from Mexico to USA is a prime example of
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The literacy rate in Mexico is 86.1% versus 99% in the USA. Furthermore, most of the students in Mexico finish school at the age of 14 whereas this figure is 16 in the USA. Many of the current economically active group in Mexico migrate to the USA because they strive for a better education for their children.
One of the negative impacts illegal migration can cause is segregation. Many migrants cannot speak fluent English even when living in USA as they live in closed communities consisting of other illegal migrants. In some extreme cases, this will arise tension between the local residents and the illegal migrants which results in crime and violence. In addition, Mexico is a country associated with drug related crimes. This issue leads to suspicions that Mexican migrants are smuggling drugs into the USA hence increasing the crime rate.
With so many young men leaving Mexico, there has been a rapid decrease in Mexico’s work force. This can be problematic because this would result in a high dependency ratio. There are a lot less workers in Mexico, which means that there are fewer taxpayers. The elderly and youthful populations are not capable of working which will disturb the economy of Mexico. Another problem with this is that the birth rate will drop in Mexico, as there are a lot more young woman seeking partners than

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