Essay On Population Ecology

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AUTECOLOGY Autecology otherwise known as population ecology is a sub-field of ecology that deals with the dynamics of species population and how these species thrive, survival and interact with the environment. It is the study of how the population size of species groups change over time and space. The development of autecology has been supported by demography. Autecology is important in conservation biology, especially in the development of population viability analysis (PVA) which makes it possible to predict the long-term probability of a species persisting in a given habitat patch. Although population ecology is a subfield of biology, it provides interesting problems for those whose professional who work in population dynamics. This principle…show more content…
Mathematical models used to calculate changes in population demographics and evolution hold the assumption of no external influence. Models can be more mathematically complex where "...several competing hypotheses are simultaneously confronted with the data. Meta population ecology is a simplified model of the landscape into patches of varying levels of quality. Patches are either occupied or they are not. Migrants moving among the patches are structured into Meta populations either as sources or sinks. Source patches are productive sites that generate a seasonal supply of migrants to other patch locations. Sink patches are unproductive sites that only receive migrants. In Meta population terminology there are emigrants (individuals that leave a patch) and immigrants (individuals that move into a patch). Meta population models examine patch dynamics over time to answer questions about spatial and demographic ecology. An important concept in Meta population ecology is the rescue effect, where small patches of lower quality (i.e., sinks) are maintained by a seasonal influx of new immigrants. Meta population structure evolves from year to year, where some patches are sinks, such as dry years, and become sources when conditions are more favourable. Ecologists utilize a mixture of computer models and field studies to explain Meta population
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