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Indian economy is a compound but generally a developing economy. The development of the Indian economy is largely slowed down due to various loopholes in our system. These include
• Population explosion and unemployment
• Inflation
• Poor infrastructure
• Inequality
• Unbalanced payments
• Ineffective laws and reforms
These factors that are impairing the development of our economy is the reason why India is still a developing country and not a developed country. Our country also falls under the lower strata of low income economies. This slowdown is also reason for the deterioration of the value of Indian currency.
The problem of population explosion and unemployment
The theme of this essay is population explosion and unemployment as a result
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There are various agricultural lands and forests being converted into residential plots due to the requirement of the large population. The main issue to discuss here is unemployment. The more the number of people less the availability of jobs. The various effects of population explosion on the economy are:
1. Exploitation of natural resources
Nature and natural resources are exploited by to a large extent in order to meet the needs of a large population. Deforestation and turning agricultural lands to residential and commercial plots leads to the depletion in land and trees. The fresh water sources in india is low compared with the amount of people present, and these fresh water sources are polluted to an usable state. There is a deficit in rainfall and hence the availability of fresh water for usage is depleting by the day.
2. Income imbalances
The income provided to the workers is not balanced as there is abundant availability of human resources in our country willing to work for cheaper wages. Unemployment gives rise to this situation where no matter how small the wages are people are willing to work for it. Hence there is a lack of stability in income provided, as the higher officials get more profit while the lower level workers are getting paid absolute minimum. This difference in the income received by people creates an economic instability. So, the rich become richer and the poor get

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