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People nowadays are being seriously damaged by the pornification. For so long, it has been argued that overt, public displays of sexuality are something that people have to mare aware of it. Paul (2005) claims that, “It is easier to get pornography than to avoid it”. We have protected the rights of those who wish to live in a pornified culture while altogether ignoring the interests of those who do not" . Pornification of culture is everywhere. Even more striking, as porn has become inexpensive, accessible, and anonymous. According to Schultz (2011) stated that,
“Porn is... the new universally shared experience. The nation has been 'pornified '. It 's everywhere. Its open 24 /7and chances are good, judging from research into internet habits, that before or after reading this post, a high percentage of you will visit a porn site. . . The point is if you did, you are hardly alone” (p.2)
Therefore, it is agreed that pornification of culture do bring harms and gives a big impact towards society
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Next, the pornification of culture due to social context in mass media. Mass media have created cross-national flows of information. Mass media is very general which consists of variety technologies that can be used in this globalization today. It includes the books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, television and the internet. Unfortunately, however, most of what is broadcasted in the news today is with reference to the chaotic condition of this world, or something else that society as a whole sees as damaging. With a negative usage of this mass media, it can conclude that mass media is a mind-manipulation. Just try to open the Television, and you 're assaulted by all varieties of obscenities, delivered by persons publicly misbehaving, in different stages of undress as it programmes containing pornography . The television shows influence and manipulate people’s mind and this is what leads to pornification of culture nowadays as based on Lababidi (2013)

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