Essay On Portfolio Assessment

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Assessment is a form of evaluation which is used to record learning progress, needs of students and academic readiness. It is the collection of data from various sources to develop an understanding of knowledge of what students know with their knowledge as a result of academic and learning experiences. Authentic assessment is a procedure in which to measure students performance based on students learning, attitude and acquisitions. It is also a form of assessment to carry out real life experiences which demonstrate essential knowledge and skills. A portfolio is an observation of student work, it is standardized in that informations that are distinguished and the students research are included. For example projects that are kept over a period…show more content…
Parental involvement is an important factor in educational success. Urie Bronfenbrenner (1979, 1988) stated that to be active, competent and have a lasting influence, teachers would need to involve the parents, so that all environments affecting children would foster similar goals and learning objectives outcomes. Parents' participation in their child’s learning has been a good for developing the child attitudes towards learning. Parents involvement is a great initiative for student success. The home and school coming together is critical for student improvement and success. Portfolio assessment gives active participation by describing the projected outcomes, advantages, characteristics, and format of portfolio assessment, it also can help parents begin to understand the process and purposes. Teachers who invite parents to participate in to help with the portfolio assessment brings a positive efforts of their children help and parents also developed a better understanding of the process of developing their child to be at a mastery level. It helps parents appreciate the strengths and growth of which children have developed as well as to better understand the need for the support and various kinds of activities and instruction you are providing when it comes to portfolio
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