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Portfolio Reflection Essay According to Aristotle, “the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”. This is particularly evident in ENG 105: Writing and Rhetoric course. ENG 105 has provided me with an insight into academic writing, research and rhetorical practices used in different contexts. Over the duration of the course, I was assessed on various components including essay writing, oral presentations, informal writing assessments, group discussions, class activities and quizzes. This course has equipped me with the skills necessary for future academic writing and research, and the ability to self-evaluate my work. Over the course of the semester, I worked on various assignments which aided in my learning process. With each assignment,…show more content…
Having previously studied in a polytechnic, apart from submitting assignments, I was not used to having homework after class. However, as the semester progressed, I was better able to manage my time and cope with the course expectations. Moreover, in the beginning, I found it difficult to source for the right articles to support my ideas on the SIM and UB databases. However, since the librarian’s workshop, I have learnt how to search for key terms and use boolean operators, and am better able to navigate the…show more content…
Peer review was particularly useful and mutually beneficial as I was able to receive feedback from my peers and learn from them, and highlights points where my peers may have missed out in their work. Thus, bettering my work. Moreover, my knowledge was challenged as research about certain topics proved my assumptions wrong. To quote Fred DeVito, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. This reference is apt as the course presented me with several challenges. However, I was able to overcome them and I felt a sense of accomplishment upon the completion of assignments as my hard work came to

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