Essay On Portrayal Of Women In Advertising

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Women’s magazine are nowadays major part of advertising everywhere, media represents to play a significant role in societies. It is identified by number of researchers that media, art and advertisements represent to have cognitive, psychological and behavioural effects. One of the most complex issues that presently advertisers are facing is to determine the best way in which they can portray women in advertising. Most of the feminist critiques mainly focus on limited as well as unrealistic portrayal of women in advertisements such as being highly dependent on men. In contrary, other critics focus on representing sexual image of women in media or advertisements in order to enhance the sales of different products. The selected research topic deals with extensive discussion on Portrayal of Women in different Women Fashion Magazines Advertisements. The study involves discussion about regarding representation of women in 2015 within different Medias and women…show more content…
1.5 Research Questions
In consideration to the research aims and objectives, the questions that are necessary to be answered in this research paper are demonstrated below;
• How women image in magazine advertisements are associated with social, traditional and cultural values?
• How women are portrayed in media and advertisement in 2015 in comparison with previous years?
• How women portrayal in advertisement is associated with product

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