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Ethnic Culture of Portugal
Remembering that the culture of Portugal is an integral part of European culture, we cannot forget that ethnic culture of Portugal by itself is complex and diversified. We can confidently talk about ethnic Portuguese culture taking into consideration the term, which defines ethnic culture as the one, which is based on the values of belonging to a particular ethnic group. Signs of such a group is a common origin, racial anthropological features, language, religion, traditions and customs. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe with the borders that have remained unchanged for 900 years.
In Portuguese culture, we can easily find the roots of Romanesque traditions with the traces of Spanish, Arabian and Roman influence. The era of great maritime discoveries brought into the culture many attributes of eastern cultural trends. The formation of the culture of the country also was affected by internal factors. For instance, the northern and southern parts of Portugal have their specific tangibles and moral characteristics.
Portugal is a country with
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In Portugal, as a sign of greeting men and women kiss each other on the cheeks. Men shake hands. When the closer friends who are happy to see each other get together, they accompany vigorous handshake greeting by slapping each other on the shoulder or back. When people say goodbye to each other the same ritual is repeated, though a handshake and a pat on the shoulder can be less vigorous. Now we can see the tendency of spreading of these rules and traditions of the family and friendship over business establishment. As we remember, in Portugal, very often business is based on closer relationship and it is normal to see energetic handshake or a pat on the shoulder at the business meeting or negotiations. At this case, it is considered perfectly acceptable to give kisses a business
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