Essay On Positive And Negative Effects Of Media

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common sense. This includes electronic media such as television and radio and print media newspapers, magazines and books, which have become a source of entertainment in our society. In this world life without technology feels utterly impossible and life without media is simply impossible. Television, radio, television and computers have reduced distances and brought countries of the world closer to each other. Nowadays like every coin has two sides, mass media has both positive and negative effects. This essay will examine the specific effects mass media has on the famous, the young and the society as a whole. One thing that should be kept in mind is that it depends upon the society to reap the positive and negative outcome from mass media. First and foremost, mass media plays a significant role in molding public opinion. It encourages active participation of an individual to realize his duties and obligations. It encourages social…show more content…
The movies have become more violent since the advent of television, perhaps to keep up with the competition of television. Nowadays newspapers and magazines also deals with more violent issues than they used to, especially crime, accidents, and disaster stories, again perhaps to compete with television. Last but not the least, Mass media has become an important aspect in our lives despite the negative effects it has on our society. It has been the intention of this essay to make it very clear that the mass media does have important consequences for individuals, society and organizations. It is hoped that by 2030 without any state intervention they will have developed in every democracy a loose network of quality control systems whose purpose will be to be monitor, analyze, evaluate, criticize, and advice the media and to assist the journalists in their missions.
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