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Preamble Attitude decides the Altitude of a person is a very common saying. That decides how high he can fly in his life. No doubt it is very important factor which maketh a man. It is the very core of his being. The way he looks at life, the notions of right or wrong in his view, the ambitions, the goals to achieve and so many things contribute to his attitude towards life. Winston Churchill reportedly said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Defining Attitude Dictionary definition: A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude Formation We all have a choice. We can choose an inner dialogue of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or we can choose…show more content…
Additionally, it leads to Planning ahead, Encouraging others, Showing appreciation, Thoroughness, Conscientiousness and Alertness. People are more disposed to help us, if we are positive, and they dislike and avoid anyone broadcasting negativity. Negative Attitude Negative thoughts, words and attitude, create negative and unhappy feelings, moods and behaviour. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which cause more unhappiness and negativity. This is the way to failure, frustration and disappointment. People with negative attitudes are not as healthy as people who have positive attitudes. A negative attitude is self-destructive. Your negative mood affects people around you. A negative attitude drains you of your energy, which causes you to lose focus and motivation. Negative attitude often leads to Carelessness, Ignorance, Fatalism, Cynicism, Laziness, Recklessness and Overconfidence. Habitual bad attitudes are often the product of past experiences and events. Some of the causes for negative attitude are low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, anger and an inability to handle

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