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Positive behaviour management policies and procedures are in place to promote and maintain high consistent standards of behaviour. The golden rules ( Jenny Moseley) underpin the positive behaviour policies of the setting., It is an approach for early years and primary settings to encourage positive, respectful behaviour, develop self esteem, confidence and well being of pupils promoting emotional, social and academic development and achievement.
The golden Rules the the setting follow
Do be gentle – do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful – do not hurt peopleâ€TMs feelings.
Do work hard – do not waste your own or other peopleâ€TMs time.
Do look after property – do not waste or damage things.
Do listen to people – do not interrupt.
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Another stratedy to promote positive behaviour and set standards of expected behaviour is with the †̃learning agreementâ€TM which gives examples of behaviours that enhance childrenâ€TMs learning. All children and adults that work in the class are involved in creating this. It is important that the class agreement and the awarding of team points reflects positive behaviour and development rather than simply following behaviour that keeps children safe. Each week there is a celebration assembly to recognize achievements and an
Acorn Award from each class is given out in our Celebration Assembly. The adults that work in the class choose a child who has demonstrated exceptional behaviour for learning, either as a one off example that week or consistently. Other effective strategies and reward systems are evident within the setting to Promoting Positive behaviour management these Verbal praise, Stickers,Proximity praise through recognising and praising compliant children / role models, celebration display boards, Sharing successes with parents, Small certificates designed for particular behaviours,star charts, class Animal of the day e.g. Hedgehog of the Day, †̃Starâ€TM or similar of the week, Whole class rewards and incentives such as my class recently had a class party to celebrate 100 day s of
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