Essay On Positive Classroom Environment

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An effective classroom environment should be a positive environment, enabling the advancement of learning. There are numerous aspects which contribute to this positive learning environment. These include characteristics such as using effective teaching materials as well as technology, which further enriches the learning process (University of Nebraska-Lincoln , n.d.). Classroom management is closely influenced by teacher effectiveness. It has an important role as it has a direct influence on student achievement. According to recent studies, teacher effectiveness can have a profound influence on the measured outcome of student achievement, when compared to student achievement is measured by the value of less effective teachers. From studies…show more content…
One difficulty creating such an activity is the risk of directing attention towards the computer. The best way to overcome this problem is to treat the computer not as the focus of an activity but as another resource. The best approach is to let the students decide the computer as a tool. Another reason this is an effective strategy, for use in the classroom, is because letting the student decide when to use the computer, improves initiative, and in turn, allows students to become more motivated. Accessing the importance of equipment in the classroom requires not just the presence of such tools, but determining their role within the classroom. When used affectively, this can truly contribute to a positive classroom environment, discussed above (Beare, n.d.). Finally, we need to consider the role such material and equipment plays in effective classroom management. Firstly, as discussed in classroom management, the most effective method is to set aside an area of the classroom. This could also apply to equipment, which may be available to students. As students are not always the best organizers, it will be necessary to manage and maintain assigned areas of the
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