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Is the media having as positive of an effect as we believe? I believe that the media has a negative effect on our society.The media shows a lot of reality tv which shows a lot of adult stuff that teens watch and think that they need to have fun like people on reality tv shows.There are also certain food commercials that have to objectify men and women to catch the viewer's eye and see how the person on tv is enjoying their food.There are also video games that teach violence and robbery to their players.Our media is not having much more negatives that humans see more often than positives. There are many popular tv shows but the most eye catching and popular have to be reality tv shows.These shows are more of a show that is not scripted and real people are actually filmed.They are privileged adults who seem as if they were told to start a fight every episode and every reunion is a massive fight and then everyone is mad at eachother and the very next day is another party.Then a surprise comes and for a minute everyone is at peace and as soon as they walk towards the door someone says something and there is another issue that needs to be resolved.The famous reality tv does not have a positive effect that will be remembered as all they are remembered…show more content…
The very famous reality tv shows have too much fighting and partying.The objectification of humans is terrible and it makes kids think that they have to look like the person whos whole entire goal in life was to be a model and they change their goals because they think that they need to look like the person who has had many surgeries and has money to burn on their body’s.There are video games that are favorited for violence and they include drug trafficking,car stealing,and gun shooting.The media is not all violence and negativity but the positives are silenced with the bad side of media rising and the good side is still less

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