Essay On Positive Effects Of Social Media

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Does Social Media Have Largely Positive Impacts on Its Users?
Social Network can either be positive or negative to the human race. Social media has become a main source of information and as well for people to connect with long distance family. The negative downfall would be a distraction from school work and less interactions with kids and knowing how to create conversation to a person face to face. I agree with Marche that social media is not positively effecting users. Karen Hua agrees that social media is growing and making a positive impact in users. “According to her findings, 72% of all teens spend time with friends on social media regularly” (30). The behavior continues on college campuses across the country, and many online interaction have been mobilized. Writer Jessica Kotnour states that “The more prevalent something is online, the more prevalent it will
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If it’s not what we see online which makes it true it 's what we hear as well, Being that I have grown up with social media I can see the downfall that people fall through every day. The downfalls may be, being isolated from friends, family, and knowing too much. What we know can truly effect how we process things and how we communicate to each other. I would say social media is destroying us slowly and the human race are helping kill us. Every day, people see or even watch thing that are posted online that can change their views or even just simply how we think. I think social media is also a common reason of why people become crazy and how people become psycho killers. People just see what’s been posted online and react the situations or even try to study the criminal activities so they can become evil. We need to put a censorship on what we allow people to see on social media so that we can eventually help each other progress in the world rather than

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