Essay On Positive Effects Of Sports

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The Problem and It’s Background

I. Introduction
Here in the Philippines, people are exposed in playing sports and most of them are young people who bring honor to our country. As a future athlete of this generation many of them are dreaming to become a successful athlete someday. Filipinos love playing sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Arnis, Sepak-takraw and many more. As far as Filipinos are concerned, basketball is more than just a sport, it is a way of life, thanks in part to social and cultural conditioning. Sports is an attractive aspect of high school experience to students. But they should balance their focus on academic and co-curricular activities. Students have their own passion or hobbies, perspectives, likes
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The effects of sports were determined about their experiences as a student athletes and discussed about how it really benefits the student’s varsity and the negative effects of sports had a big impact when playing sports and at the same time, to their studies. This research was based on the experiences of the student’s varsity about the positive and negative effects of playing sports while studying as students and at the same time as an athlete.

III. Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to determine the effects of sports in Student’s Varsity. Specifically, this research aimed to answer these following questions:
1. What are the benefits of sports to student athletes?
2. What are the negative effects of sports in students’ study habits?

IV. Significance of the Study
This study examined the effects that involved sports which affects the academic performance of the student athletes. Studies have shown that time and energy are both required for good performance in sports and in studies. They had proper time management that helped to manage their studies and extra activities as
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