Essay On Positive Population Growth

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First and foremost, it is generally believed that a nation with a positive population growth has the ability to avoid it from suffering ineffective state of economy (Easterlin, 1967; Simon, 1981). It means that the nation will have a greater chance to achieve an “economics of scale” sate which in turn contributes to the increase in nation productivity (number of output per unit of labor). A country with a rapid population growth rate will result in a larger population size and will eventually make a larger the market size in that nation. As such, it is important to ensure an effective and great performance to be developed in order to meet the product demand of the large market size. In view of this, there is a tendency for the nation to reduce the costs incurred during the production process for each output. Apart from that, specialization skills can be developed as the population of one nation increase (Easterlin, 1967). In this…show more content…
It cannot be doubted that, transportation is an important key to lead to an excellent economics development (Simon, 1981). This is due to the fact that a good transportation system will help to reduce the costs and time used to deliver the products to the consumers. In view of the population growth, the rise in population density is unavoidable. Hence, it cannot be denied that this current trend will surely give an impact for the government as they are pressured to contribute more money in transportation system such as highways, LRT, and railroad in order to support the increase in population size. This is crucial for a developing country like Malaysia as the advance in transportation system will help in economy growth as well. Undeniably, sustainable economic development can be achieved if transportation system of a nation is improved in accordance with its growing population

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