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You, Your Toddler and the Power of Positive Reinforcement We all know that toddlers seek attention in the most unbelievable ways, but how to know when enough is enough and how to encourage positive behavior and set positive values in your toddler’s life? Every parent faces certain challenges when it comes to their child’s behavior. Whenever your toddler comes up with a new idea of how to make your day harder, just remember that there are always powerful and magical ways to set them on the right path and teach them valuable lessons. Every children asks for attention, and since they usually aren’t aware of the acceptable limits of strange behavior, they tend to show disobedience and start misbehaving in an anti-social manner. However, you mustn’t panic and forget that this is perfectly normal, and when this is the case with your toddler, it’s your time to take the situation in your own hands and feel the power of the positive reinforcement. Why Should We Use Positive Reinforcement? No one expects a toddler to…show more content…
When we aim for good behavior and certain discipline, we have to remember that there are some things we say that have a negative impact on our children’s behavior, thus bring your toddler back to the beginning. Good behavior thrives on attention and persistence, which means that if we want to enjoy the fruits of our work, then we mustn’t even utter some of the phrases we sometimes need to shout. Think before you speak, and never ever say things like: • “Go away- I have to work”- We all know how stressful life is, and having to work doesn’t help at least. But whenever you ever feel overwhelmed, remember that you don’t want to set back with the behavioral progress, so you might want to choose something nicer like: “Let me finish just this, and I’ll be back to

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