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When working with young children it is important to help support and promote children’s sense of self. As a teacher, I will make sure children develop a positive sense of self by providing positive experiences and interaction for children. I will do so by greeting children affectionately every day, make eye contact with each child, provide full attention and use a supportive, kind and a positive tone of voice when speaking to children. I will also model conflict resolution and prosocial behaviors. I will make sure to help build students self-esteem by allowing them to explore their interest, encourage them to take on challenges, assign classroom jobs, praise children and help them set goals. In addition, to promoting a positive self-concept,…show more content…
In order to do this, I will include rules that tell the children what to do rather what not to do. I will keep my classroom rules short, simple and positive. I will also include children when making rules and praise children when they follow each rule. When challenging behavior occurs I will use positive guidance techniques in order to address the behavior rather than punishing the child. I will model positive behavior, and if the challenging behavior occurs I will suggest new activities and give choices in order to limit saying no. To add on, I will focus on the positive of each child instead of labeling them a “bad child" because of their behavior. Instead of sending a child to “time out” I will use alternative strategies such as positive reinforcement, reminding the child about our classroom rules and in some cases ignore the behavior as long as the behavior does not harm the child or any other child. To ensure that children are receiving the right strategies to promote self-regulation at school and at home I will partner with parents up with parents. I will do weekly reports about the child 's behavior and have ongoing communication in order to reinforce positive

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